Presentation Schedule

Presentation Schedule

Monday December 2

1.  Brian, Henry, and Heshan

2.  Jiawei, Leilei, and Tim

3.  Hannah and Katie

Wednesday December 4

1.  Lizzie, Emily, and Robert

2.  Krissy, Jon, and Greta

3.   Brianna, Molly, and Addie

Friday December 6

1.  Brody, Chloe, and Warren

2.  Michelle


Presentation Schedule

Monday December 2

1.  Seth

2.  Matt, Evan, and Stuart

3.  Audrey, Jen, and Brittan

Wednesday December 4

1.  Colleen, Maddie, and David

2.  Joey, Kate, and Sam

3.  Colin and Greg

Friday December 6

1.  Abby and Erin

2.  Grace, Molly, and Allie


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Readings for Friday November 22

Please complete the following reflection readings for class on Friday:

1.  So Much Has Changed in a Year by Sarah Marie Noonan

2.  A Personal Reflection by Emily Elridge

3.  English 112 Portfolio by Andrew Frondorf

4.  Dear Future Tina by Tina Kinstedt

5.  This, I Believe. Reflection Upon College Writing by Timothy Enos

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Blog Due Monday November 18

Dear Class,

For Monday, you are to complete a one page blog post in which you examine the similarities and differences between the book and the movie.  In particular, you have to explain how the movie changes the meaning of the book through citing specific examples.  You can focus on (but are not limited to) issues of audience, story changes that change the meaning, or how the medium of both the book and movie provides specific limitations or benefits to the story.

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Directions to Access Fight Club the Movie

Below are the directions to access the movie online:

1.  go to

2.  in the “search website” type in ILRC

3.  click on the first option of this search, “Interactive Language Resource Center”

4.  click on “ILRC Online,” on the left side

5.  click on the consent form, “I agree and want to continue to the ILRC Online”

6.  type in your unique Miami id and password

7.  click on the folder marked “ENG – English”

8.  click on “Films Movies and Videos”

9.  scroll down and click on “Fight Club”

Please email me if you have any problems accessing the movie.

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Proposal Examples (That Need Improvement)

Below are the three example proposals that need improvement we looked at during class:

1.  Project Prospectus 1

2.  Project Prospectus 2

3.  Project Prospectus 3

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In Class Wednesday 11/6

For students who may have missed class today, here is what we did:

We read pages 122-125 and, in a minimum 1 paragraph blog, provided a close analysis of how this passage connected with themes of the novel as well as modern debates in society.

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Blog Due Friday 11/8

Dear Class,

For Friday, please complete a two page double spaced blog in which you analyze one argument from the novel using a thesis, textual evidence, and a conclusion.  Remember that this type of response should be grounded in the text and have the same features as your first two papers.

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